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Moonshot: A home run characterized by its great height. 

Alysiah Mariani, a sixteen year old junior, has struggled through the ups and downs in life ever since she started high school two years ago. It was no help that her mother would always yell at her for every little thing she, her father didn't really give a damn most of the time, and lastly, her sisters were far worst than anything, they treated her like an outcast in the family. But her cousin, Louie, moves back to the city and is determined to reach his goal, becoming a professional baseball player. Along the way of this wackiest journey, Louie and Alysiah become best friends or as they refer each other as the greatest most awesomest broskies. "Broskies till the end" their new motto as they fight against the world by each other's side. Although, It's not until later when things start to get...unexplainable. 

Will Louie and Alysiah stay broskies till the end? 
Will Alysiah find out that her family is keeping something big from her?
Will she find who she really is? 
Will trust become a major issue in their journey?
Will Louie reach his dream? 

Well find out by readying Moonshots! 

Broskie: (1) A special name for your best friend that's like a brother to you. (2) The highest rank of a friend, therefore allowing more things to be done without worrying about outside judgment.