Bloody Painter X Male Reader

Bloody Painter X Male Reader

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Neo-Hart By DidSomeoneSayAnime Updated Nov 05, 2020

(Y/n) was quiet boy. He didn't speak unless spoken too. It was rare you'd hear him speak up for someone until he saw a boy around his age being bullied because of some item that was stolen?

"Hey! Uhm," he regretted speaking as soon as he did so, "what do you think you're doing? That's horrible y'know..." 

"Oi. Butt out kid. No one cares about him." 

The boy turned towards him the best he could as he was pinned against a wall.

His looks took (Y/n)'s breath away. His unnaturally pale skin contrasted with his black hair. His eyes were bluer than blue. 

The male mouthed something to him. Something along the lines of, 'Thanks, but just leave.'

(Y/n) did just that... but he couldn't stop thinking about the male. 

Soon, he has stuff happen in his life that changed his circumstances forever. 

He found out who the guy really was and what he wanted out of him.