The Fight

The Fight

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Terrineka Flowers By TerriAshFlow Updated Apr 17, 2017

For Mya, being married was hard work. Taking care of her husband, children, work, everything. She feels her husband, Jordan, has his attention more on work than on his family. She tries and tries to get his attention, until he reveals to her what he's hiding and why he's been acting the way he was. How will she allow one secret to ruin her marriage, even after being hurt or will she fight for her marriage? Will she forgive Jordan or will she not and break their family up?

Although she's hurting from her husband's betrayal, she meets someone who she doesn't refer to as a friend. Only an acquaintance who's pretty attractive. Will she seek revenge just to show Jordan how she felt or will she fine another way to open his eyes to see how much pain he'd caused her?

How will Jordan fight for his wife's forgiveness? How will he fight for his family? How could he be foolish into making a mistake to where it would come down to him losing his family? He and Mya been through so much together and he knew she didn't deserve to be mistreated. Jordan knows he has to put up a the fight for this one.

Being married to a celebrity is a bit much to Cassie. Chris is a popular rapper, known worldwide. He picks up  a drinking habit that annoys Cassie, but his new addiction to drugs is what draws the line. Cassie doesn't want her husband drinking, nor doing drugs, because she knows it could ruin his career. It also sets a bad example for their son, Carter. She has to find a way to get Chris to realize how much he is throwing away with his addictions.

  • drama
  • love
  • suspicion
prettygirlmonie_ prettygirlmonie_ Apr 04, 2016
That's my name except faith is what my first name means in Swahili 😀😀
beeloVebug beeloVebug Nov 12, 2014
I would've taken it in the house and read it in front of my husband tf
beeloVebug beeloVebug Nov 12, 2014
lmfaoo it's funny but it's not! drunk people are so aggravating
_dakota21 _dakota21 Nov 11, 2014
I just have this feeling Jordan is doing something sneaky and grimy behind mya's back i just cant put a finger on it.
IeishaBowie IeishaBowie Oct 31, 2014
he's starting to show signs of a cheating man that's why women are always suspicious about stuff like this smh dnt be a cheater Jordan
nemmic11 nemmic11 Oct 31, 2014
What's up with Jordan... I'm eyeing him from the side low key, cause something don't seem right