Suite 16

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CaitlinTenorio By CaitlinTenorio Updated 3 years ago
“Look, Tom. I-“ 
    	“You don’t have to say it, Kate. If you don’t love me back, it’s okay. I get it.” 
    	“No! Tom, it’s not like that! I just-“ 
    	“You just what, Kate?” 
    	“I don’t want to say it if I don’t mean it.” He looked back over to the pool, which was glowing radiantly with all the colors of the lights on the trees. “I’m sorry.” He glanced back over to me, smiling. His eyes were so beautiful in the moonlight. I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but I kissed him. My eyes shut tight as I cupped his face with both of my hands. After awhile, I could feel him kissing back. A burst of fire returned in my throat, just as it did before. Only this time, it travelled all throughout my body. His hands gripped my waist, and he pulled me in closer. His tongue began to pry my mouth open, lusting for the taste of my own. We were so into it, and it was probably my fault. The only reason why I was kissed him was because I felt bad.... When Tom becomes enraged about the one thing he can't have, Kate refuses to give her virginity to him. With Tom in jail, Kate has the freedom to be with someone else. Little does she know that the guy she ends up with is Tom's best friend. The two plot revenge against Kate, planning to do the worst to her on prom night, which is also her birthday. But when Matthew, Tom's best friend, falls for Kate, he has no other choice but to fight to spare Kate from a horrible night in paradise that will scar her for the rest of her life.
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