I'm Not Perfect ~ Seamus Finnigan {Complete}

I'm Not Perfect ~ Seamus Finnigan {Complete}

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Emma Torrett

Her parents were talented aurors and the ones who caught Bellatrix Lestrange after she tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom into insanity. Neville goes to live with Emma's Parents, Eliza and Abban Torrett, since they were more capable of raising him than his grandmother. They are also members of the Order Of The Phoenix

Emma is a Ravenclaw that is believed to be perfect. With no one knowing that she's constantly struggling inside to be as great as her parents. She feels that she has to live up to her parents achievements so she works tirelessly trying to be her best. When Fred and George prank her one day, they try to help her have a little fun and live outside of her textbooks. Then she befriends an accident-prone boy named Seamus Finnigan. It seems as though everything he touches may spontaneously combust. She begins to fall for his sweet personality and even tries to help him with his spells and potions. Seamus finds out about her belief that she has to be as good as her parents, and tries to convince her that she's perfect the way she is, and that she doesn't need to live up to someone else's achievements. 

Watch Emma as she struggles through her own high expectations, learning to have fun, and the return of Lord Voldemort.

Note: This story is currently being edited. Mostly for small typos and grammar here and there. Though I will also be fixing some plot holes and accidental mistakes. Maybe even add a few chapters in.

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