For Him(boyxboy)

For Him(boyxboy)

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Ver By verine121 Updated Nov 02

"You're cute."

He said that to me on the night of my fourteenth birthday. It was Halloween and our friends had dared me to go trick or treating as a girl. 

Seth stole my heart that night and because of the feeling of life I got while I wore that black, form fitting minidress- I was liberated.

I feel like Ezra's cheek((the face)) would be super squishy..... What's a good ship name for Ezra and Seth.... Sethra? Eztha?
Total_G33k Total_G33k Nov 19
Nuuuuuu! My child! I'm here! I'm here! Don't be sad! 😢😢😭😭
And then a torrent of mystical swear jars bombard our protagonist.
XD I know a hardcore bisexual slut! It happens to be me! Also one of my friends is one as well.
You got like two chapters of stuff crammed into this little paragraph. At least one solid chapter, anyways. Why not consider expanding in it?
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Feb 06
Damn... 😂 Idk how to feel about this but it captured my attention so I'll keep going