For Him(boyxboy)

For Him(boyxboy)

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Ver By verine121 Updated Nov 03, 2016

"You're cute."

He said that to me on the night of my fourteenth birthday. It was Halloween and our friends had dared me to go trick or treating as a girl. 

Seth stole my heart that night and because of the feeling of life I got while I wore that black, form fitting minidress- I was liberated.

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aj19901006 aj19901006 Jan 19
I happy to read a story where the main character is accepted for who he is. It's a refreshing change.
Every time time I read 'crooked my finger' I just imagine him making his finger bend where bones would break.
LexiPlays LexiPlays Dec 17, 2017
Why cant me best friends be like that?
                              I'm like that with them but they'd be like "Hi! I'm Lexi's best friend, if you hurt her I'll laugh"
alexandermystery alexandermystery Apr 22, 2017
Youth these days... so young yet so mature. .. I didn't even know what half these  stuff meant at 14!
I must not be very good at being a lady then. I use fOuL lAnGuAgE all the time.
Cherry_Maxed_Out Cherry_Maxed_Out Apr 19, 2017
Omggggg need that hair in my life and I'm 5'5 so that's some long ass hair omg neeeeddddd