Double Vexation ( A Harper's series. book 11)

Double Vexation ( A Harper's series. book 11)

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Duel Harper has been exiled from his family due to bad behavior, behavior that could find him as well as his family in deep water. Banished to his family's estate in Alabama in hopes of making him come to his senses and realize how his shenanigans can effect the family, Duel finds himself in a entire new dilemma. However his heart is still in New York attached to Zoe Butinio, the girl that he can't have. The one girl who refuses him yet he won't give up even though Zoe is in love with a cop. While in Alabama Duel has the luck of meeting a girl named Chelly. At first he's just amused with her and sees her as a conquest to pass the time. However their friendship grows into something more but is it enough to break the chains that Zoe has on his heart?


Okay, so I'm a klutz and a bit on the nerdy side. Nothing excites me more than a good book or experimenting in the science lab. I'm almost complete with my senior year of high school and I can't wait to pursue my future plans. I'm also valedictorian of my class as well as cheer captain. Let's just say that I have a foot in every door and a smile is always on my face. Then it happened... I met him and nothing has been the same.

My parents warned me about drugs and falling in with the wrong crowd but they never warned me about him. Duel Harper was magnetic and not like any other guy that I had met but I could see through his tough guy attitude to the man that hid beneath the rugged clothes. I wanted him to be good for me as much as I wanted to be bad for him. In fact he made me want to do very bad thing's. Could this guy cost me everything? Destroy my good reputation, plans and interfere with my schooling?

But how can I stop? He had me the first time he shot me that crooked grin and I knew that he would break my heart in the end. Even if people warned me I wouldn't have listened. 

Will Duel Harper be a lesson of my lover?