Heart Of Stone

Heart Of Stone

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Violet Marie Taylor By xxgracepotterxx Completed

Alexandria Marie Cullen. 
The oldest child of Bella and Edward Cullen. 

Alexandra was born with her sister, Renesmee Cullen. They were both half human, half immortal, but Alex showed more of her vampire side then Renesmee. When the Volturi hears of the two, they gather their witnesses and pay a visit to the Cullen's, who gather their own witnesses. 

Along the way, Alex meets a few people from a town called Mystic Falls. 

{Rewrite 2017}

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xxgracepotterxx xxgracepotterxx Mar 29, 2015
their not technically vampires renesmee and Alex are half human but alexs is more vampire then human
xxgracepotterxx xxgracepotterxx Dec 29, 2014
no because there half human so basically they sleep cuz  there half human so thts why they sleep weird logic ik lol