One With The Earth || Naruto Fanfic [Kiba Love Story]

One With The Earth || Naruto Fanfic [Kiba Love Story]

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Ezekiel T. A. By xXAkatsukixLoverXx Updated Feb 04, 2017

Yuki Nara, Shikamaru's twin sister who is younger, is different than any other girl in the academy. She doesn't fan-girl like others over anyone. She's more of a down to earth girl, a girl who loves and cares for nature every much.  Anything you can name related to nature, flowers, animals, trees, you name it. She loves with all her heart.  Having that little obsession of hers, has gave her a reason to be teased by the girls. They think she's a nature obsessed freak, nothing more. Her older twin, Shikamaru, is always there to protect her which she is glad for. But of course, that would have to change if they were placed on different teams. 

Yuki is placed on team 8 with Kiba, Shino, and Hinata. There sensei being Kurenai. Without her brother, could she really live up to being an independent girl? Can she be more than one with the earth?

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shiroislife shiroislife May 14, 2017
I already love this fanfiction, the character has weaknesses, bad traits, and isn't OP, wonderful so far.
Chaitheravenpuff Chaitheravenpuff Jun 11, 2016
I read that reading chocolate, not reading, chocolate.  Imagine sitting there staring at the chocolate trying to read it.  That would be torture
Mafufu Mafufu Nov 28, 2015
Ohh I was thinking since Ino's family runs a flower shop they would somewhat get along....I guess not, Do they later in the story?
TheWolfGoddess TheWolfGoddess Mar 06, 2015
*squeals* I'm so excited to read! (( I love Kiba ;) so this is like the perfect story! ))
TheWolfGoddess TheWolfGoddess Mar 06, 2015
^,^ that's my Nii-sans birthday~ ......... Unless his is the fourth........ I always forget~
- - Jan 01, 2015
Yay! Someone the same as me! (Hopes that people won't say that ab types are cranky when waking up, totally not true coming from me.)