Fat To Fabulous

Fat To Fabulous

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April Phillips is your typical nerdy girl with her typical glasses, typical unruly brown hair, and typical acne. She is a little over 300 pounds and is constantly called "walrus" and "fat potato" by almost everyone in the school. Even the teachers sometimes make scornful remarks about her weight. And being reminded by her mother every day of the fact didn't help either. 

Due to her low self esteem, April had always admired Carmen Davis, the head cheerleader of the cheerleading squad. She adored her confidence, the ways boys would bend over backwards just to get her attention, and the way she always managed to be perfect. April always wondered what it would be like to be that fabulous one day. 

One day, in an act of desperation, April asks Carmen to give her an extreme makeover. Carmen agrees, but under one condition. April has to do exactly what says when she says it. April quickly agrees and is eager to undergo her transformation. But what will happen when her new look captures the attention of Dominic, the quaterback of the football team and Carmen's boyfriend? Read Fat To Fabulous to find out!

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summer1911 summer1911 Apr 25, 2017
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eteeweeteelife eteeweeteelife Dec 20, 2017
If your hair is so “matted” why don’t you just wash it? Or at least brush it out
- - Feb 19, 2016
carmen is like my soul sister i have done that to my BFF before