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Coming Home

Coming Home

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Caroline By CJKingsbury Completed

"I am your mate! You are supposed to be with me!" he roared into my face, before hitting me with his iron fist. The taste of blood flooded into my mouth. I began choking on it all as I lay there on my back. I smiled once again to the man who ruined my life. 
"Like hell I am" I spat, rewarding me with another crack across my face.   
Nora Weylyn was taken away from her pack when she was six years old. She grew up with a human as her guardian, trying her best to learn the ways of being a wolf. After her eighteenth birthday, Nora is forced to move hundreds of miles away to be integrated back into her pack and she soon finds out that many of the pack members don't want her here in Wildrose. The Alpha on the other hand finds Nora as a breath of fresh air in this small town that will help bring him out of his cold cage that he has been trapped in for years. While learning the rules of the pack and trying to fit in, Nora finds out the real reason why she was forced to leave all those years ago and why she is back again. Hidden dangers are waiting for Nora to slip up so they can move in.
Cover Photo Credit: Anette89 (Deviantart)

TheBadboy24 TheBadboy24 Aug 10, 2016
anybody else thinking of Lena Cole on here ? Yes? Maybe? No ? ok ill leave now ....
LauAz2 LauAz2 Aug 31, 2014
Sorry about this.. but what is mudroom? Sounds somewhere dirty..
CJKingsbury CJKingsbury Apr 14, 2013
@simmykaur97 I don't know what it is. I always try to drink the stuff because its so good for you but it always ends up as a cold and very full mug of tea on the coffee table haha glad your liking Coming Home!
simmykaur97 simmykaur97 Apr 14, 2013
Oh my gosh! How can you not love tea?! It's amazing!! Haha!! Much love xx
hello1987 hello1987 Dec 20, 2012
Same here! In my head I'm like okay roop you got this just down the nasty tea and your insides will be clean but then I'm like eff it, back to coffee it is!
CJKingsbury CJKingsbury Dec 20, 2012
@hello1987 I always think that it's so much healthier but after that first sip I start up the coffee machine haha! Glad you're liking it so far!!