Against All Odds (A Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

Against All Odds (A Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

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(Not recommended for those who haven't read the books and plan to. This book may contain small spoilers)

When people hear the words "limit" and "Hunger Games" in the same sentence, they think it's impossible. A limit as to how many Hunger Games take place?

For a seemingly impossible idea, it's finally happened. 

Following the second rebellion against the Capitol, the Hunger Games continued to rein, until one president stepped in and declared that the Games be stopped. The 95th Hunger Games are the final Games. So, which kids are lucky enough to become tributes for such a historic event?

Read to find out.

A big thanks to @BekkaChaos for making the lovely trailer for me! :3

**Disclaimer: Any Hunger Games concepts I do not take ownership of. Characters and plot, however, are my creation.**

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