ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood

ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood

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Shivani D. By Vsgcrocks07 Updated 7 days ago

ShivOmRu :

Shivaay Singh Oberoi,
Omkara Singh Oberoi,
Rudra Singh Oberoi.

These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous and respected anymore.

What happened ? The world knows but not the three innocent brothers.

They don't know why suddenly their elders started running away from everyone...

They don't know why their family left them at the doorstep of an orphanage...

What will happen next ? They don't know...

Shivaay needs to take care of his younger brothers and raise them all by himself.

This is a story of ShivOmRu's struggle for life, love and survival.

This is the journey of an ordinary kid Shivaay to the business tycoon THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. 

And this is the journey of 3 brothers who were together in ups and downs.

(Ok, I really sucked at this description but peep in and you may never know you might like this story..😊)


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