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He Rejected Me. But We're Meant to Be.

He Rejected Me. But We're Meant to Be.

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Alysia By gymxlissy Updated Jun 04, 2015

"We're mates" I say; staring him straight in the face. "So?" He asks, calmly. "So that means we're meant to be together" I said; my heart beating out of my chest. He smirks. "Let me tell you this, and you better listen very clearly. We may be mates; but I will never love you." He whispers in my ear with sternness. "I am soon to be alpha and I can't have a sad excuse for a mate like you to be my alpha female. Got it? He finishes.  A single tear started rolling down my cheek as I nodded in agreement. "Good. Now if you ever mention this to anyone; I will kick out out of this pack, understood?" He demands. I didn't trust my voice so I nodded again. "Wonderful" He smiles and then walks away from me. __________________________________________________________ Savannah Mason is a sweet, kind, quiet, smart, obedient, 17 year old werewolf who's from the Blood Moon Pack.  She's hated by everyone; and when I mean everyone. I mean EVERYONE. Her mom doesn't give a cr*p about her. Her dad beats her. Her pack and people from her school tease her and most of all... Her mate rejected her.  Everyone first shifts the day they turn 15. Savannah was rejected by the hot, arrogant, big-headed, and sexy, Aaron Weaver when she was 16. Couldn't handle all the abuse, pain and suffering; Savannah runs away for 2 years and comes back strong as ever to show everyone that she's not the same weak and vulnerable girl they knew 2 years ago.

AnnStopFoolingAround AnnStopFoolingAround Jun 26, 2015
Not to be mean or anything but, Anna Kendrick Is not all that pretty :/
dragonsworld3 dragonsworld3 Jun 09, 2015
This is the third book straight that, I am reading with the pack name blood moon in it.... Not trying to be offensive, just saying that the name seems as common as the white wolf now.
ritastark ritastark May 18, 2015
story sounds like it will be good can't wait to start reading it
thisfriday thisfriday May 01, 2015
                              Damn, its not even the first chapter and im already pissed at someone
- - Oct 11, 2014
As soon as I read the description, I was disappointed.  I thought this book wasn't going to be cliché...
daff123 daff123 Jul 16, 2014
Sounds very interesting. I also like the cast you've chosen for your story.