In the near future, the day nobody thought would come, had arrived . Sarah Jane Smith has encountered the one foe nobody can defeat -Old age. She sees her family one last time to say how proud she is of them. Then later that night, four familiar figures step out the time vortex to say their farewells....
This is a fitting and beautiful tribute to a much loved companion but also to Elisabeth Sladen. I loved the Sarah Jane adventures, so it was lovely to catch up with those characters again and of course to see all those versions of the Doctor. Incredibly moving x
you did justice to a truly wonderful comanion's goodbye. Bravo
@ImOverHere unfortunately grammar has never been my strong point but i am glad you enjoyed it
This was absolutely fantastic, im usually a grammar freak but i still loved this so much!! What a fantastic tribute to Sarah Jane Smith! x
Oh my gosh... I'm crying, literally, freaking crying. That was beautiful. Thank you for posting this,this is an amazing tribute to  the great Sarah Jane.
So very...amaazing. so very amazing. sooo much feels *Feels like tearing up*