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A Bet, A Stolen Phone And A Love Song (Puzzleshipping)

A Bet, A Stolen Phone And A Love Song (Puzzleshipping)

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Kura-chan By Kura-chan Completed

There's always that one boy at the back of the class. He never interacts with anyone, keeps to himself, and always played games by himself. He didn't really have any friends either - and so everyone practically avoided him. It seemed as if he would never truly find a friend to be with, but despite this he always seemed happy being on his own. 
One day, the popular group of the class decide to make a bet. The bravest one of the group, who also looks like the loner at the back of the class, decides to take on this bet. Since the boy always plays games and has his phone with him, they bet on the phone. 
If they could take the phone and keep it for a week, they would get a lot of money. But, if they break and instead give the phone back or the boy manages to steal their phone back, they would have to sing him a love song; even if they don't like him one bit, they have to put their heart and soul into this song.

oliver_jones_795 oliver_jones_795 3 days ago
He wants to make sure no one sees his yaoi saved on that little phone ^~^
Me: Hey! Yugi!
                              Yugi: Um. What do you want?
                              Me: Wanna be friends? You're the type of person I'd LOVE to be friends with.
                              Yugi: Really?! Uh. Yeah! I'd love to!
                              Me: Yay!!!! Let's go then!
                              Yugi: Where?
                              Me: My house
                              Both: BFF's for life!!!!!
I understand it, Yugi. No one knowing the true you......  I'll gladly be your friend if you want......🙂😊
blue_mansion blue_mansion Nov 10, 2016
Come on people this Japan! Where anyone could be born with any hair colour!
PathOfThoth PathOfThoth May 02, 2016
Nice flesh cameras. I like your face balls. I could look into your spheres all day.
DianaVasquez617 DianaVasquez617 Sep 13, 2016
The only way you can describe Yugi is:cute,adorable,childish,smart,and best of all(to me at least)short!