The Alpha's Hybrid

The Alpha's Hybrid

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F.T. Wolfe By FTWolfe Updated Nov 19, 2018

Werewolves do exist and have been lurking everywhere, they are much closer than you thought 

The alpha has a human mate but what he does not know that she is not an ordinary human.

She doesn't know that there are  werewolves that are close to her  especially mated to one.

Is his human mate really human? Will her mate accept her and her past? Can they love each other despite their flaws?

"Love, I will kill myself if i even put you in harms way, You are mine as I am yours" he pulled me closer. I rest my head and hands on his chest hiding my tears.

"Who told you to be so sweet, my alpha?" He lifted my head and wiped a tear that managed to escape.

"Only for you, my love".

Original title: The alpha's strong and mysterious mate

Credits to DemonWolf2015 for the amazing cover!! Thanks

#100 in ranking of werewolves as of 7/27/17

  • action-romance
  • alpha
  • betrayed
  • darkness
  • friendship
  • possessive
  • protective
  • werewolves
EZtaco EZtaco Mar 06, 2018
I like the first chapter, there weren’t many grammar mistakes that I can see so no worries. 😁😁😁
lifeamazing2a lifeamazing2a Dec 17, 2016
Probably not the best idea to have all the characters starting with a j because now im confused of who is who
Hanawasherexxx Hanawasherexxx Jan 05, 2017
I don't think that's entirely possible, unless the surgeons where super quick, but that would probably be a health violation anyway
jeanlovesbooks2016 jeanlovesbooks2016 Nov 08, 2016
Don't sweat the grammar but I was confused on the gender lol
FTWolfe FTWolfe Oct 13, 2016
Sorry.. It was a typing error it's supposed to be jayce i'll fix it soon