Hermaphrodite: Two Bodies (Lesbian Stories) [Major Editing]

Hermaphrodite: Two Bodies (Lesbian Stories) [Major Editing]

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Shinea Sionluz Esteban By iloveshin22 Updated Feb 06, 2016

Updated every Two Days. 

I was bullied. Everyone thinks I'm a species that no one wants to have. Known for having two genetalia in one body whose hormones keep fighting who will dominant mine when I reached 18 years of my existence.

     No one wants me. No one wants to be near me. Everyone thinks I'm a monster especially my own father but, one day, a girl changed my life and turned me into a human again. But its not easy as it seems.

Life is complicated.

 Mine is worser than what everyone has.

This is my story, I, Julian Mitchell.

I am Hermaphrodite.


All rights Reserved 

Cmonm8 Cmonm8 Aug 09
There are bigots in Maplesyrupland? UNTOLERATABLE! TRUDEAU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
zarrianyrie zarrianyrie Aug 28
Aww your so strong if it was they were talking about I would be up they ass I would be the living daylight out of them 😂😂 and never say anything to me again
Meisbreeeeee Meisbreeeeee Jan 03, 2016
I would b like: here's my number! *pizza number*. Not to him of course tho
travesty00 travesty00 Dec 23, 2015
Oml tbh that's so cute. They're so excited to see her.. Eek! Or maybe I'm feeling a little giddy RN for no reason but that's still cute afffffff!!
rawrrelb rawrrelb Dec 12, 2015
This reminds me so much of little Gaara from Naruto *cries at the memory*
planetalclouds planetalclouds Sep 25, 2015
I think I'd rip him limb from limb; the blood seeping out as he screams in agony, dying...The image is amusing.
                              Maybe this is why my nickname is Wednesday.
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