Talk Chemistry To Me

Talk Chemistry To Me

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Krystal By MyRoomIsMessy Updated Mar 07, 2016

Warning: This story is going to be R-Rated and will be made private when that happens, so you must be a followed/fan to read it. 18+ only

"Look kid, I don't get this, and you have somewhere more important to be, so why don't we just call it quits?" Charlotte stood up gather her things to make a move when his arm reached out and caught her wrist halting her.

She tried shrugging it off, but his grip was as strong as his piercing eyes as they hardened on her.

"Firstly," he stood up towering over her height making her feel insignificant, which was weird not many people made her feel short, she was short but running around with her brother and his friends she never felt this short.

"I am older than you, so calling me kid makes no sense," Charlotte held back a scoff as he stepped towards her but then leaned back sitting on the desk, one leg propped up on seat and then pulled her closer surprising her.

"Secondly, the only important thing to be doing right now is you,"

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we should call them leather boys from now on because bad boy makes me cringe
freeradicalkik freeradicalkik Jul 01, 2017
Literally the combination that every ginger person iv ever met...including myself n five cousins!
TheCoffeeWrites TheCoffeeWrites Jul 14, 2017
*shows empty hand* see how many fucks are in here? thats how much i give about you.*blows fucks away*😊
camxknaje camxknaje Mar 02, 2017
Yes, because I hate when people talk with food in their mouths. Like, I do not want to see your food nasty chewed up food in your mouth looking like throw up. 🤢
MelanieV13 MelanieV13 Jul 03, 2016
I understand!!!! Because we were doing it like a few weeks ago haha
Fuk_UR_Pretty_Face Fuk_UR_Pretty_Face Sep 16, 2016
Me😁 only way a redhead has blue eyes is if they have redhead genetics on both sides of the family, it's also the rarest combination in the world , so suck it 👌