Dear Library Girl

Dear Library Girl

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Dear Library Girl,
I almost asked you what was wrong the first time I saw you crying. Then I saw the book you were reading, and realized that you were crying because of it. And I was interested, because I'd never read anything that moved me that much.
I checked out the book you were reading, and guess what? I cried - just a little - too. That's how it started. Every time I go to the library, you're almost always there, usually with a completely new book. Sometimes you smile, or laugh out loud, or cry again, and when you do, I check out the book you're reading.
That was it, really, until I realized how gorgeous you are. You're not pretty in the normal kind of way, but god, when you smile, it lights up your face in the best way.
I wish you'd notice me, sitting a few tables away from you, reading the book you were reading a few days ago. I wish you'd smile at me. I don't have the guts to talk to you. I'm afraid you won't be anything at all like I imagine.
One of these days, I'll work up the courage and I'll ask you about what you're reading. And maybe you'll smile that gorgeous smile and tell me all about it, and then we'll talk about all the books we've read. But until then, thank you for the book recommendations. I love them.
Love, Tyler

*The body of this letter is not my original work, but rather a prompt for the story you are (hopefully) about to read. Enjoy!

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Oh I've found my people *wipes tear* I just read that book! Leopole
nnw219 nnw219 Jul 25
i actually hated the outsiders sm i dont understand how everyone loves it???
lilyymaee lilyymaee Apr 15
hi my name is melville dewey nice to meet ya how you doing, if you need info you know where to go right to the library
Can someone give me the synopsis of The Outsiders??? I want to see if I would want to get it myself.
Well then I can understand why she's crying because I did too
Nothing Gold Can Stay, By Robert Frost
                              Nature's first green is gold, 
                              Her hardest hue to hold.
                              Her early leaf's a flower;
                              But only so an hour.
                              Then leaf subsides to leaf.
                              So Eden sank to grief,
                              So dawn goes down to day. 
                              Nothing gold can stay.
                              This poem is magical✨