The Fall of the Bad Boy

The Fall of the Bad Boy

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Clara Evelyn Scott, a book lover as well as a movie lover has been moving around places to places since her mother left her and her father, years back.She was devastated and so was her Dad. As a single parent, raising her has been his top priorities which is why whenever her Father gets better opportunities and pay, they have to move. She hated that, but she knows he is doing this for her. When she moves to Chicago, all she wanted was to 
be able to graduate before they move again.Being the new girl in the city and in school is usually very stressful, but she is used to the stares and the curiosity of people. What she never expected was she being the curious one. 

Emmett Elliot Reynolds, the handsome bad boy of the school, who everyone fears and love at the same time is always in trouble every single day, it's either he starts a fight or he is part of a fight. He has issues and everyone knows better not to go near him when he's angry. When Clara trips and falls right in front of him fighting at the back of the school. She invited unwanted trouble for herself.

Two broken souls, coping their issues in their own way, sometime you need to see things in a different lights and that's what Emmett is going to learn. Will he accept her help or push her away like he did with everyone else?

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