Rest In Peace: 300 Year Old Witch

Rest In Peace: 300 Year Old Witch

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What happens when you add a suicidal witch, a possessive Alpha, killer monsters, and Greek mythology together? Mayhem. Hilarious, death defying mayhem. 

---trigger warning---

In 1693, a young witch was cursed for trying to stop a war between human kind and her own. A war known to the humans as the Salem Witch Trials. This decision, however, came with a cost. 

Twenty witches died. Twenty witches cursed the world. Twenty witches hexed the young witch with their dying breaths. 

The young witch was then forced to walk the earth eternally, her gates to the afterlife kept under lock and key by the goddess Hecate. Grief, guilt, and remorse haunted her. It followed her every step; until she had finally lost her mind. 

With her wits at its end, the young witch had the brightest idea to use a death hex to Rest In Peace. Instead, she falls asleep. A deep slumber that lasted for years.

Now, more than 300 years have passed since the Trials. She has awaken. Bolder, Stronger. Broken. 

Broken beyond compare. 

Wishing to finally end her life, the witch aimed to uncover the secrets of her immortal curse; but something was different. One young man kept getting in her way. An Alpha that claimed to be her soulmate.

An Alpha that kidnapped her for killing a pack member. 

With werewolves, gods, and monsters in the mix, what can this 300 year old witch do now to finally Rest In Peace?




This is my first book. Please do tell me what you think. Any feedback is appreciated!

Seeing that the character is suicidal, I placed a trigger warning.