The Real Me [WATTYS2017]

The Real Me [WATTYS2017]

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Mimi Kim probably isn't your average teenage girl. She lives in a enormous house with two college students. She is in the 9th grade and has many friends and very popular. The only thing is that she doesn't smile. She doesn't smile anymore because of her first love. Her older brother left her in the states to pursue his dream of being a singer in Korea. When he comes back to visit her after 4 years and notices something is wrong with her he wants to be there for her and help her. Will him and his friends be able to help her smile again like she did in the past?

Authors note: If you haven't noticed I am a kpop lover. And I am in love with the name Mimi. Mimi's brother is Kim Namjoon/ Rapmonster from BTS/ Bangtan Boys.

The sequel is called A Change of Heart

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real_cai real_cai Jun 28
I hope we can meet each other. And go to a Chinese restaurant and find some fortune cookies. Yes! Freaky Friday. Switching lives you know. 😂
That's me. But if you come at me I turn savage level 9000% but if I'm having a good day I'll be nice to you😂😂😂
^^ I had a thought can fish communicate differently based on where they are? Like English and American fish have one language, Swedish fish have another and like Korean fish have their language? 
                              Lol I needed an excuse to write Swedish fish don't mind me
When I read the description I was like.... BTS ? So i have to read this book :)
minadiving minadiving Jul 01
im gonna call a surgery expert and switch my brains with you so i can get smarter with the help of your smartass brain
I get straight A or A+ and I never study. But my math teacher usually makes us study in class so that also helps but when I have a test coming up i never study and end up with good grades.