Becoming A Vampire

Becoming A Vampire

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Rose By rosagold Updated Dec 11, 2014

This story is about 21 year old Alexandrite Turner, who was sent to live with her grandmother.  while she is there she goes to parties and feels like someone is watching her everymove, but will she find that mysterious man? also she will be going through the changes of being and lady and a blood sucking vampire.

Derrick O'Neal is a Royal Vampire and has been searching for his soul mate for over a thousand years, and when he finally finds her he will do anything to get her to be with him forever. Even is it is against her will.

Can these two people love each other or will one betray the other?

Find out in:

Becoming a Vampire is a very romantic and thrilling book. It has romance, vampires, shifters, whitchs, and hunters

I Didn't make the cover for this book some one else made it for me