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Through Packs Eyes~ lesbian story

Through Packs Eyes~ lesbian story

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Domina Alexandra By DominaAlexandra Completed

Dakota lived oblivious to what it meant being mated. Several years of being mated to Daniel slowly taught her how naive she was in that fact. Daniel was nothing other than a sneaky and manipulative Werewolf, only in desire of Dakota's status. Dakota has now faced the fact that she needs to break their mating bond. Slowly realizing who should be standing beside her as mate, Dakota is now faced with taking her fathers place as Alpha of Navillin Valley pack. 

Now Rogue vampires threaten her pack and Dakota's father is looking to her to prove she's worth becoming Alpha. Not to mention realize she may have a deeper connection to her childhood best friend, Reese. 
Can Dakota and Reese face the vampires and forbidden love that grows between them? Two women in love, isn't something normal in the Werewolf community. Especially, when one is moving up to Alpha status. Facing all odds, will they come on top with the love of their pack standing beside them?

Why is this repeating census over and over again is confusing and it loses the Majestic-Ness of the book
For some reason Raven from The 100 keeps popping in my head when I read Reese's words
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski 6 days ago
This feels weird. This Daniel sounds like a douche. I have a best friend named Daniel but he's the sweetest, most adorable, gentlemen who loves to make jokes that I know. I can't read the name Daniel without having an extremely positive outlook on it.
PokemonLV PokemonLV Aug 16, 2015
*is at the other side of the room eating popcorn and whispers* break the mate bond. he terrible so far
lisa51011 lisa51011 Nov 02, 2014
That's how you would know when to put yourself in to, that's how Reese will earn respect even she's les... Try not to make her anger again Daniel that will cause yourself a lot more pain by Reese!!!!
lisa51011 lisa51011 Nov 02, 2014
Goosebumps... ;-)! Positively affected can't wait for their sex lol!!