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Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

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Death Herself By Death_Herself Updated Jul 04, 2015

Conspiracy theories from me to your lovely faces

GreyBadass1226 GreyBadass1226 Dec 14, 2016
You forgot something. The go to visit one of their brothers out of town and the reason they had to leave town to see him is because they visited him in hell. Thats why he's the only adult ever seen in the show.
-mischiefmieczyslaw -mischiefmieczyslaw Oct 02, 2016
It's cartoon. Nothing has to make sense 
                              Plus, it's Cartoon Network
pepper513 pepper513 Jun 07, 2016
If any one else hates the Kankers raise your hand.
                              *raises hand*
BornGoldenChild BornGoldenChild Feb 22, 2016
Omg I was born in 2000 I guess it's true when a kid die another one is born
mylittleponylovers12 mylittleponylovers12 Oct 19, 2016
You should watch blameitongeorge(?) I heard this one from him
Bribeats Bribeats Jul 15, 2016
They have diffrent coloured tongues because they eat too much jawbreakers.