The Arranged One

The Arranged One

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Siya By anjaaniwriter Updated 2 days ago

"You're right", she said, sounding contemplative, "Maybe I should grow up and be more practical."

" know 'Princes on white horses' are 'fairy'-tales right?" Abhi said, air-quoting again. He was feeling relieved now that she was seeing some logic.

"Yeah...but...I sooo wanted it! A guy who could brave the most terrible storms to rescue me, the sparks fly when we touched each other, the fastening of heart beats when we..."

"Geez Siya! I get the point. I never guessed you lived in fantasy land! So in short I am exactly opposite to what you want?", his voice dripping of offence and frustration.

Siya laughed. How like Abhi to get offended by some hypothetical guy who she hypothetically thought was better than Abhi.

"No not exactly! But you are my friend Abhi, there's no spark!", she added with a hand gesture. Seeing him getting seriously irked, she smiled to herself.

"Oh God! Siya-"

"I know it is childish Abhi...", she took a short decisive pause, "and...that's why...I am ready to do this", she finished, her grin widening.

"To do what?" Abhi asked, thoroughly bemused by the variety of expressions Siya was giving.

"To marry you."


Siya and Abhi have known each other since forever, being the children of two bestfriends and having spent all their lives in the same household. They transitioned from being partners-in-crime to business partners. So what happens when Abhi's Dad asks them to get married to each other?
In a country where marriages are believed to be made in heaven and are meant to last for seven-lives, will two bestfriends survive the difficult test of Marriage? Or will their life-long friendship bear the brunt of their conflicting ideas of love and relationships? Would Abhi and Siya's friendship last while they follow the age old tradition of 'Arranged Marriage'?

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This sounds very interesting!!! Can’t wait to read ☺️☺️