Just a Dare

Just a Dare

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cal_pal_ By cal_pal_ Updated Jul 22

Laura Collins is just starting her last year in high school and plans to stay as the average 'good girl' she is. She gets good grades, doesn't do drugs, doesn't smoke and still holds on to her innocence. 

So what happens when one of her so-called best friends dares her to go and kiss the schools bad boy, Alec Stone?

For Laura it's an embarrassment that she wants over as soon as possible, but Alec has other ideas. He wants Laura for himself and will stop at nothing to call her his.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, for Laura it couldn't be more true.

it_me1802 it_me1802 Jul 06
Tell him it was a Dare!!!
                              Or Flip him off that'd be interesting
darklove33 darklove33 Jun 03
It Would have been so funny if she said "butts are for kissing". Love the book so far😘
I didn't even have to mentally edit it!  Great first chapter
jasperjoo07 jasperjoo07 Sep 21, 2015
What's weird is I'm already so into this book, I'm getting butterfly's for her...I don't even want to read it but I do...life is complicated
justcasica justcasica Jun 30, 2015
It's just a dare for like 2.2 seconds before you fall for him ahhaahahah.
lxlo1520 lxlo1520 Dec 27, 2014
*swipes hand over forehead* whew, im not the only one that thinks this way, what a relief!!