Broken Hearts Mend

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Isabelle Arocho By Isabelle88 Updated a year ago
Alpha Marc Reed has a new threat in his town, several actually if this beautiful woman at his door step is lying to him. When his nephew's house is broken into the hunt is on to figure out who would target the young family. Marc quickly sends Jax and his family out of town and all bets are off.
I see this story haven't being  updated in 9 months but i'm still going to read it because i want to know what happen to Marc .Hope the author continue this because i love all Ari story so far.
i hope you finish book.. i realy love ur books specialy ariana series..
I hope you update soon! I really have enjoyed the series so far!
Thank you so much for writing a love story for Marc, he truly deserves it for being so caring and selfless. I love your Ariana's stories, they are fantastic and you are a very good story teller with very vivid imagination. Thank you for sharing these stories.
Im so ready for this !! he deserve this. Marc has been selfless. Marc finds love yay!
Yes, a Marc story thank goodness. I just want marc to be happy.