Slave To His Passions {Sexual Offenderman}

Slave To His Passions {Sexual Offenderman}

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Skittles By Kat_Goes_Rawr Completed

I looked down at my feet before muttering, "I'll be back later" and heading for the door. I pulled it open and was about to walk out when his hand gripped my elbow holding me in place.

"That touch of sanity you're so desperately trying to hold on to, it will fade one day and your idea of what's normal won't be these high class rich fuckers who strut about like the whole world revolves around them," he brought his face closer, his lips brushing my neck as he placed a small kiss there.

"One day you'll snap. I only hope I'll be there to see it

RoraKurtiss RoraKurtiss Aug 05
He's cool in my book, but I'm immune to the heat everyone else feels radiating off guys! Like I have never thought a guy hot.
Might as well just be straight forward and blunt with him lol
Omg I love this haha you and me would get along very well, dm me some time 😊😊😊
DAVID NEARS THE BEST!! I liked his slender man and ticci Toby ones :3 BUT FREAKING OFFENDER WAS JUST.... wow is all I can say
Just imagine the mix of confusion and lust on offenders face when you walk up and say "offend me"
I don't like him all that much, but I thought this would be a fun read