Jack [Lashton AU]

Jack [Lashton AU]

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グレイソンベイリードラン By iCheeseYou Updated Aug 12

Luke Hemmings is the quiet younger brother of Jack Hemmings, the most popular guy in school. The two brothers were super close and were pretty much inseparable. But when Luke tells Jack about his crush on Ashton Irwin, a boy in his grade, he doesn't expect his own brother to break the Bro Code. 

Other Pairing(s): Jack/Ashton

Cover: grindmgc


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😂 i didn't know it was possible for luke to be vertically challenged
SurferLuke SurferLuke Jun 02
Of course because the Jack Hemmings in this story is a douche (sorry for the spoilers)
i hate it when that happens. every single day i spent walking to elementary school in the morning i would trip twice over two raised platforms. my sister and mom would both laugh at my failure to keep my head off the ground.
5cats2dogs 5cats2dogs Apr 25, 2016
I felt personally offended whyn I saw "break the Bro Code." Why? No freaking idea.