Follow the River [Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Fantasy AU]

Follow the River [Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Fantasy AU]

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AETHER. By Aetherlocket Updated Jul 07, 2020

[Shoto Todoroki x Fem Reader, Fantasy AU]

Not many know of the abuse and other horrors taking place at King Enji's palace. (Y/n) is one of the knights who works for him and assuming the protection of his favorite son, Prince Shoto as a trusted knight. She doesn't exactly like her job, resenting the King she must work under, due to blatant misuse of his authority. In fact, the only highlight of her day is when she's with the Prince.

When Shoto is sent on a carriage trip to possibly be married off to a noble's daughter, he has enough and decides to make his dreams to run away a reality, and he decides to bring his most trusty knight, (Y/n), with him. Their first destination is Mount Hosu, where a dragon is rumored to dwell, and their journey only begins there. 

[Cover by Toki_Lae, art used by flame2frost]
[[ There is also some Bakugo and Dabi action in this btw ;) ]]