Righting Ryder

Righting Ryder

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Daisy By ScarlettBlackDaisy Updated 4 days ago

Ryder Magnusson was adopted. He knew it. He accepted it. He almost kind-of liked it. To him, Anna was his mother and Kyle his father, which was better than living with his birth parents who hadn't even wanted him. At least, being adopted, Ryder had a stable home, a mother who loved him, a father who cared about him. 

He had it and he loved it. 

Right before he lost it.

When an accident shakes up his seemingly perfect family yet again, Ryder is left confused and angry, caressing his wounds and hiding away his guilt. And as his father slowly begins losing himself in a downward spiral, Ryder's fears come back to haunt him. After all, it had been his mother who saved his father from addiction.

But who can save him?


This short-story/novella is a continuation of Curing Kyle. Although it can be read as a standalone, reading Curing Kyle will help ❤️