The Color of BLACK

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Seanie By AH_Simsoy Updated 2 years ago
Survival is dark, and it's bloody. Katya is someone who has survived for months in post apocalyptic Chicago. But when she finally leaves the city in search for a brighter horizon, she finds herself only milliliters away from death... expect she doesn't die... but her saviors have something else in mind for her, something truly awful...
Due to first paragraph excellence this just made my reading list. Looking for to returning for more.
Your writing is so stunning! As soon as I read the second sentence, I knew I was in for a good read. "How morbid" haha my thoughts exactly, but I love it.
                                    Nick and Vance were both really interesting, and I love the story you have here. Brilliant job. Never stop writing. Never.
A woundedful opening chapter, the writing in this is truly beautiful as one description seems to flow so flawlessly to the next.
wow.....i have got to learn from you...ur writing is amazing...:D be very honest im a huge fan of sci fi and post apocalyptic stuff..its a pretty good story..sometimes it appears to be rushed, but overall the story is very depressing , which i think is very important, the description of the murder of caroline is pretty amazing
@Zectaueus ahaha don't worry about it, it's a free period, not to mention the last one for the day. After class, I'd be doing some homework so that's the reason I'm reading through 3 chapters in school now since I won't be online till I'm done with homework.