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Another Cullen Imprintee ~Paul Lahote love story~

Another Cullen Imprintee ~Paul Lahote love story~

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Shristi By Shrishti156 Updated Jan 08

Isabella and Edward Cullen didn't only have Renesmee infact, they had twins. Renesmee and Addison Cullen are both twins, they love each other to death as do Bella and Edward. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee but will anyone imprint on Addison? oh yes and it's none other than our hot head. Bella kicked Jacob who was her childhood friend for imprinting on Renesmee ...we can only imagine what the ENTIRE Cullen clan will do to the wolf that imprinted on Addison
'this is gonna be really entertaining' ~ Jacob~
'where's the popcorn' ~Emmett~
'this..i have to watch' ~Jasper~
'god damn mutts' ~Rosalie~
'not gonna touch my grand daughter' ~Esme~
'sorry but...can i kill him?' ~Carlisle~
'he's dead meat' ~Edward and Bella~
'aww now i can't see their future' ~Alice~

just_slayin just_slayin Jan 20
💀💀 💀💀💀Dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔪⚰️🔪⚰️🔪⚰️🔪⚰️🍿