BoyxBoy Oneshots

BoyxBoy Oneshots

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irrelevant By fade_a_w_a_y Updated Mar 05, 2013

Hi guys! I haven't written for a while. I just keep getting in a funk. But I keep getting ideas for stories so I decided to start making them into oneshots. I may or may not continue some of the stories into actual long stories someday. Just depends. Short stories are good for me for now because I have so much going on with school and whatnot. I just don't have as much time to write. But I don't want to forget all the ideas I get so I figured I'd just make short stories. 

Plus this way I can pracice with my writing, because I know I'm not that good when I write long stories. I need practice haha

Note: I'll take requests, I just can't garauntee on how soon I'll have your request up. Also, if I don't want to write a story for your request, don't feel bad. Sometimes it's just hard for me to put a plot together. I just want to do this to practice my writing. Also, for requests you can send me the link to a picture and ask for a story about it, or just describe the story and characters or...

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AnderBitts AnderBitts Apr 25
beebosnacks beebosnacks Aug 14
I fricking turned my friend gay or bi she isnt sure yet and I was like "I didnt mean to do that but OK"
is it me or sometimes I deliberately look for the rated r stuff
AnderBitts AnderBitts Apr 25
I thought he yelled HOLY SHIIITTTTEE 
                              With the last word fading for a second
My friend told me she was bi and I just said "ok" and she was so confused cause I didn't really react that was only because it was already obvious
there alone in the house + together + one of them is gay + and secretly has a crush on the other + the other one probably is gay too= smut