BoyxBoy Oneshots

BoyxBoy Oneshots

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irrelevant By fade_a_w_a_y Updated Mar 05, 2013

Hi guys! I haven't written for a while. I just keep getting in a funk. But I keep getting ideas for stories so I decided to start making them into oneshots. I may or may not continue some of the stories into actual long stories someday. Just depends. Short stories are good for me for now because I have so much going on with school and whatnot. I just don't have as much time to write. But I don't want to forget all the ideas I get so I figured I'd just make short stories. 

Plus this way I can pracice with my writing, because I know I'm not that good when I write long stories. I need practice haha

Note: I'll take requests, I just can't garauntee on how soon I'll have your request up. Also, if I don't want to write a story for your request, don't feel bad. Sometimes it's just hard for me to put a plot together. I just want to do this to practice my writing. Also, for requests you can send me the link to a picture and ask for a story about it, or just describe the story and characters or...

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jchocolate jchocolate Feb 05
did the author can predicted that dylan geick and jackson kreicoch dating irl like im shook when i read the names lol
The next best romcom ‘Did I just turn my best friend gay?’
Thank you for letting me know when to stop reading, I just want the fluff. Not many authors do that and I appreciate it.
Starweird03 Starweird03 Jun 03
Wait hold on why did you have to get his fingers all slobbery if you could have used that? Omg I’m just now realizing what I just said.
farhio11 farhio11 Jan 17
Yo someone help the dude and buy him lube he is using bath and body works lotion ,I can imagine that being in his ass like ewww🤢🤢
Starweird03 Starweird03 May 28
I have a friend who was the same for me and I still have a crush on him but I’m also beginning to think that he’s straight as a pole.