In Autumn

In Autumn

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~Xakee~ By Astrah_ Updated Jul 31

Previously *Little Miss Loser* 

Life can't always be the way you planned or expected. One minute you're happy 
and joyful the next you're crying and broken. 

Does losing someone you love hurt? Does losing the most important people in your life makes you want to give up?Does it seem like life itself has lost its meaning? Does it seem like each breath without them is a crime? 

She was happy and kind, 
Courageous and Brave
Free-spirited without the care of the world. 
But then something happened on a night
The night that changed everything.

Her eyes lost their everyday sparkle. 
Her lips lost its dazzling smile. 
Her heart beats differently. 

 But not her self love. Not the self-love HE taught her. 

No matter how broken she felt, how bad she is bullied, or how she is being treated she didn't lose herself or THAT self-love she was trying to keep. She smiles and deals with the pain like nothing. 

Then he showed up and started ruining it, making her start judging herself. 

But is it all an act? Does she neglect the insult? Is she holding it back? Is dealing with bipolar not enough to made her feel guilty? 

Started: 04/03/2020