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Celeste/SARASTRO! By Aetila Updated Jul 03, 2011

Meet Kiers: insomniac, drug dealer and alcoholic. Life's simple and depressing for him and his band of misfits--until they're given a dangerous and mysterious offer. Risking life and mind in the latest gaming technology playing the hardest game the world, where it's just too easy to die, Kiers and company have a guarantee to a lifetime of fortune and fame. Empire Wars may be the hardest cipher to crack, but it isn't as if the guys don't have anything up their sleeves. Join this cirque of real freaks of society, and let these amazing prodigies shamelessly steal your sanity.

  • action
  • atlantis
  • empire
  • games
  • reality
  • sci-fi
  • thriller
  • video
  • violence
  • virtual
  • wars
RadiantMelody RadiantMelody Jul 12, 2011
I love the fact this is written in third person. Most authors on this site wouldn't dare to touch third person. So good job with that! :D
Wattpad Wattpad Oct 01, 2010
Hi, Congratulations!  Your story entry has made it to Round 2 in the Watty Awards.
                              Check it out:
                              Please also be reminded that all the future parts of this story must be rated PG and below in order to continue in the contest.
                              Hope you will have fun in Watty!
Blakethezombie Blakethezombie Sep 25, 2010
Hey aetila I love your story. You should kill winston though. And will you please read my story it's called surviving the hoard. Thanks xD
aieslyn aieslyn Sep 10, 2010
Hello Aetila, I love your writing! Fast moving with great dialogue! The characters are interesting too:)
Aetila Aetila Aug 26, 2010
@KyleAnderson Don't worry, I completely understand. xDD
                              I was thinking of "odd comedy" when I was writing this--a thought that randomly occurred in my mind, so, there is really absolutely nothing wrong with your opinions.
                              Things I post on Wattpad are all very rough drafts. 
ghostgal23 ghostgal23 Aug 24, 2010
wow this is long =O
                              i'll take some time reading it later~ but for now i've got to study for my stupid chemistry exam >.<
                              i promise i'll come back and read it!!!!
                              PS, how did you do all that weird symbols???