You and I Mr. Ruthless Alpha

You and I Mr. Ruthless Alpha

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Jason Zander, the world's most feared alpha. Jason is feared by everyone, even his family, but what happens when he traveled to the Shadow Pack territory to sort out some kind of misunderstanding. He finds his mate, the one thing he's wanted for years now, but the thing is that his mate fears him too. 

Stella Johnson, a runt abused by her pack mates. Stella has no family, they all died in an attack ( so she was told ). Stella has heard many stories and rumors about the ruthless and monstrous Alpha Jason Zander. She is aware of the fact that he's coming for a visit to her pack, but what she doesn't expect is for him to be her mate.

Along the way, Jason help Stella find herself again, while Stella brings out the not so ruthless side of Jason.

  • abused
  • alpha
  • love
  • mates
  • ruthless
Devil_Spxwn Devil_Spxwn Apr 09, 2017
That mofo got a death wish slapping Jason's mate!! Lol, he 'bout to die!
Madd13_12 Madd13_12 Apr 05, 2017
Why do they always say 'mine'? No matter now romantic it is, it is getting pretty overused😂but I love it none the less
Omg why were they jumping her?! Awesome starting by the way 😃👍
wolfedge10 wolfedge10 Jul 08, 2016
Too soon dude too soon trust doesn't come easy specially when people get abused