Owned By The Owner [BoyXBoy]

Owned By The Owner [BoyXBoy]

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Just Michael By OralKel Completed


        Carter Evans is the school's "in the closet" bully. Usually he would make fun of others and bullies them. But it stops and befriends Ajax and Jared, his old crushes. He is starting to change his life. But he is not planning out on going out of the closet 'till his graduation. On the inside, Carter Evans is a young, scarred, always scared boy, and nobody knows it. His parents being homophobic parents isn't helping. When his biggest secret leaks, and his parents receive this, he runs away from the fear of being rejected and disown. From the fear of being unloved.

        Theodore Heids is the bully in the humurous way. A player. He's hot, cocky, arrogant, cute and handsome. Normally girls would drool over him because of his God-like appearance. When his apartments are done, he moves and lives there. One night and he's partying with his sister, he unexpectly meets this young, scarred, scared boy and suddenly, the urge to help him nags him. He decides to find this boy.

        When they meet again, Theodore offers him a place to live. Only his apartment, where Theodore is living, where Carter is going to stay. 

        Everything is going to change when this happens.

        What if being a "housemate" turns into being a "lovemate"?

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Covers her face with her face? That’s a typo I’ve never seen before and I’ve read this series like 4 times
AddictedToSmut AddictedToSmut Dec 19, 2017
https://media3.giphy.com/media/26FfefjDvkCtzKHrG/200w.gif and here I am again, not stopping until o read all the series 😋
Imabunnydealwithit Imabunnydealwithit May 20, 2016
This is ilegal straight sex in a bxb book the rules i tell you the ruuuules to these books
yasholovescats yasholovescats May 02, 2016
Sooo what happened to the 'don't worry, I won't sleep with her?'
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Oct 20, 2015
oh, well...ya everyone knows his rep....but he seems.........lost
ladyxaim ladyxaim Jul 23, 2015
So, I'm binge reading these and my every other thoughts are "holy sh*t" and "what the actual f*ck." XD I'm enjoying myself though.