Being Mute

Being Mute

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anotherprinces By anotherprinces Updated 3 days ago

Being mute, and a werewolf? Jane had everything until one day she had nothing, including her voice. Watching her mother and farther die infront of her made her never want to talk again, until it came a habit. Now she is 17 and still doesn't have her mate until one day a sexy, possessive alpha walks into her life. But what happens when he completely hates her and wants nothing to do with her, she can't talk! She won't talk! In fact she forgot how to talk. How is se supposed to argue or explain anything in these conditions? 

"I don't want you." He whispers. He looks over at my aunt who hadn't been listening to what he said, she was still as shocked as me. "She's coming with me, she's my mate after all." He said with a fake smile, as my heart raced somewhere else.

And it begins.

wait, i'm getting confused he's taking her yet he doesnt want her...waaaa
LilMissIrish LilMissIrish May 29, 2015
Seriously, why take something you don't want? I personally think mute people are awesome!