Dried and Dying Roses (BWWM)

Dried and Dying Roses (BWWM)

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calypso By _macc_ Completed

He reminded her of a tiger- no a lion- always ready to pounce, never thinking once about their prey.
Once upon a time, she was that prey. He hated her. He stalked her. He wanted her.  
She wanted him.
They wanted each other. 
She was the gazelle, the wounded zebra the herd left behind. In other words, there was no way she was escaping this beast.
But, somehwere in the mix of sex, hatred, and completely unnecessary outings, something else started to make itself know inside her. It made her want him more, and she already knew he wanted her with everything that was in him even though he refused that notion with every single fibre of his being.
All the more, it was still there, and that left one thing. That one thing was to finally get together then, and now right? 

It's all fun and games till somebody falls in love

But you've already bought a ticket 

And there's no turning back now....

Page36 Page36 Dec 31, 2016
Girl my ass would have made like Jimmy Neutron and "GOTTA BLAST" up out of my whole damn room and house😂😂😂😂💀
JudasiaScottMurray JudasiaScottMurray Mar 25, 2016
Awwww hell nooo i would have been so scared i would have pressed 9112 instead of 911😂😂😂
QueenOfPain0 QueenOfPain0 Sep 07, 2016
Dude he could look like a greek god i'd still be fúcking terrified what is wrong with you
foodlovr09 foodlovr09 Aug 03, 2016
My friends call me Nana and seek advice from me and my family says I just have an old soul. They say I act like I've been on earth before.
QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Jun 07, 2016
Dumb girls be like "oh he hot... Even though he bend stalking me for years and watching me"
                              Smart girls be like... Get a restraining order