Sarah's Blue Tree ✔

Sarah's Blue Tree ✔

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Crystal Cherie By CrystalCherie Completed

A crash leaves Sarah and her older sister, Mila, without a mother. | #3 in Children's Fiction. ♥ Wattpad Ambassador's Pick ♥ ONC 2020 Longlister  |

With their dad long gone, Mila is the only one who can keep their tiny family together. 

But, Sarah isn't making things easy for her. She keeps running away to a tree in the middle of the woods where she swears she can still hear their mom speak. When Mila finally chases her down, she can't hear a thing. 

The social workers have given the sisters only seven more days to put everything in their life back together, before they take Sarah away for good. But with Sarah on the run, playing with the ghost of her dead mother in a magic, blue tree, can things ever get back to normal again?
Current word count: 20,030 (children's novella)