Riches, Royalty Or Werewolves?

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Elyse Jade Bettini By ElyseJadeBettini Updated 3 years ago
Willow was a normal daughter of the Duke and Duchess of New Ireland, or so she thought. Her parents are actually Alpha werewolves to a pack called the Faded Shadow, the pack is in Texas so she is made to pack up and move to Texas, when finding out she also is a wolf she meets a guy her age that believes she is his mate, what will she choose? The riches and royalty of the Duchess life OR the life of a werewolf alpha princess to the wrong pack? Read To Find Out!
Omg!! I LOVE The grey Wolf Series,I just have to say, Jennifer, dear lord she freaking kills me! hahahah
Alright you said you were in love with the Grey Wolve series! Well I am too! they are absolutely amazing. Fane and Decebel!! HOLY CRAP I JUST FLIPPING LOVE THEM! and Jen, dont even get me started on her. SHe is AWESOME
Oh my god! I am obsessed with the grey wolves series!!!!! They're such great books!
@ElyseJadeBettini I KNOW!!! Im going to be sad when The Grey Wolves ends...:(