the girl with cuts and bruises  rolu (fairy tail fanfic)

the girl with cuts and bruises rolu (fairy tail fanfic)

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83kittykat83 By 83kittykat83 Updated Dec 24, 2015

Lucy Heartfillia is the school nerd that no one  likes. she is bullied everyday at school and beat evert night at home.

one night after a really bad beating by her father lucy just cant take anymore and starts to cut herself feeling like every cut she makes takes all the pain and suffering away that she faces everyday it becomes a little habit of every night when her Father stops beating her and shes alone  she will take her razor and start to cut in every direction possible 

what will happen when Rogue find out 


                               hope you all       enjoy :) and sorry for any spelling errors

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i teared up while reading this chapter and then my brother came in like 'your reading those stupid romance fictions again,aren't you'
                              i scream 'they are not stupid romance fictions there art!!!'and throw a pillow at him