So We Meet Again (Sequel to When We Met)

So We Meet Again (Sequel to When We Met)

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Addie Johnson has just graduated from college in Texas and is coming home to Georgia with her boy friend, John Collins, of two years. It's been nearly four years since she's been back to Georgia. She has had nothing to do with Morgan Denson in three of those four years. So what's going to happen when she comes back and she finds out he's still be waiting for her all this time?


"Hey, babe? Did you say we needed eggs?" John asked as we made our way over to the dairy section of the market. I nodded as he walked away. I leaned down to grab a gallon of milk when something startled me.

"Addie? Addie Johnson?" I knew that voice anywhere. I didn't have to turn around to see that it was him. I took a deep breath, turned around and smiled. I put the milk in the cart and my attention towards him.

"Morgan," I said taking him in and smiling. He looked pretty damn sexy, for being thirty now. Oh, God, he's now thirty! I can't believe it had been basically four years. I wonder what he thought of me after all this time? After what I did to him!

He must have not seen John come and walk up to me or just didn't give a hell, because he scooped me up into a hug. Oh, Morgan, how I've missed you so much. I didn't want him to let me go but then the sound of John clearing his throat put me back into reality. We lived different lives now. We were different people. We were no longer a we. And it had been that way for almost four years now.

magic-myths-legends magic-myths-legends Jan 18, 2014
Loved this series so much. I had when we met and this book read in a few hours.. So addictive :)
countrygirlusa countrygirlusa Feb 20, 2013
@christamarie21 I used one, but I don't remember it ... urg. I think it was something like Davis. You can just use that! I can't believe you're doing a report on it! :)
Hazelnut21 Hazelnut21 Feb 19, 2013
i have a question< im doing a book report on so we meet again but in your character list you dont have a last name for kimberly. did you have one for her? if you did can you get back to me on that ASAP? thanks!(: much love<3
JesseJarquin JesseJarquin Jan 05, 2013
i love this story I just finished it today now I am sad :( but  I loved this story your a great author :)
bookworm22x bookworm22x Dec 31, 2012
Lve it love it love it ! It inspired me to start my own please go  cheak it out ! X
Raspberrieslover19 Raspberrieslover19 Nov 25, 2012
Spent my day reading WHEN WE MET nd i have to say i loved it but hated how she left now i cant wait to read this story So we meet again