Gordan's Hybrid Adoption Center *on hold*

Gordan's Hybrid Adoption Center *on hold*

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Mykayla By Wolf_lover2 Updated Jun 30

"Hello and welcome to Gordan's Hybrid Adoption Center, Im Casey. What are you looking for today."

I've been on the run for the past 5 years trying to get away from those weird men in black suits. 5 years since my family was taken away and killed. Its not something a 6 year old wants to go through. My mother and fathers last words to me were to run and thats what I did and have been for 5 years. 

Now Im 11. I bet your wondering why? Am I right.... Well Im a hybrid and a man named Gordan is after me to put me up for adoption, not for someone to get me as a daughter but as a pet.  Im not. Im human with wolf ears and a tail. Oh and I can change into a tiny wolf pup and cant go any bigger. 

Its unfair if you tell me. My father was a werewolf and mother was human and bam a Hybrid. Me.


Sorry guys have to run now, I think they've found me. 

Im Parker and this is my story.

  • family
  • home
  • hybrid
  • loss
  • love
lol my profile pic is the front cover thing of  this story :')
omniscience_15th omniscience_15th Oct 08, 2016
How has no one but us asked for an update I love this writing
omniscience_15th omniscience_15th Oct 08, 2016
Update or you will be trilled 😈😠I need more information and it's so good
predaconx predaconx Jun 30, 2016
I wish I was a hybrid in this world don't ask why but it's cause I would act like an anime wolf
HarlequinQueen HarlequinQueen Jan 01, 2015
It's off to a great start, I can't wait until the next chapter!!!
Forever_Eternally_ Forever_Eternally_ Sep 11, 2014
YOU SO DID NOT JUST DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE UPDATE OR ELSE I HAVE NO REAL THREAT SO I'M GOING TO SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I really want to read this book :)