Deception (Lesbian Story)

Deception (Lesbian Story)

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"I was forced to master the Art of Deception in order to save my brother's ass.

I was just supposed to do what I had do and disappear like I didn't even fucking exist.

Forget everyone; forget I had met you. 

But I found myself realizing that it was impossible to do that after meeting you... because you consumed my every thought, I realized that every breath that I take was an action I had to do so that I could be with you and I forgot that I was supposed to pretend to be someone I'm not when I'm with you"

"Before I met you, I was just supposed to worry of the things High School had to offer and then you came into my life and everything became more complex.

Before you, I knew I was straight. I was sure I was straight; I had boyfriends, tons of them. And then you march into my life and sweep me off of my feet without even realizing you were doing it.

Before you, I thought I knew the meaning of love, I thought I had been in love. Then you showed up, and everything I believed in went plummeting into nothingness.

I hated you for confusing me and I love you for clearing it up for me." (Completed)

Warning: This book contains graphic language, some violence and honest to goodness smut. So if you're planning on reading this, make sure no one is reading over your shoulder to avoid any awkward scenario... Unless, if you're into that then... go ahead, no judgment here. ;)

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                              English is my only language and I still hate it
                              That's more due to me being weird in the head than anything, but still, impressive
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English is my third language.. but I still prefer reading english stories
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I understand.. Mine as well😂 not my first nor second! My mother tongue is a dialect in a small island where i was born and raised. I just have to learn to speak and write english for school.
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I finally found it! I've been looking for this book for over a month now.
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Love is merely a thought for someone who have never struggled with you.