Can't Resist The Boss

Can't Resist The Boss

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Alexandra Caiomhe Robins - A hardworking 23 year old fresh outta college. She's spent most of her life in Ireland, College in London, and now she's moved to the USA. She's hot headed, loving, loyal, feisty, beautiful, easy on the eyes, short, smart, witty, short tempered and did I mention she's black?Well she is and she's up for a any job she could get.

 Rivers Antonio Adimari -  The CEO of ADIMARI & ROBERTS Enterprises, it's owner being his farther. He's your typical bachelor at the age of 28. All the girls want him.He's charming, has the looks and that Greek god body that the females crave.He's handsome, rich and heir for the biggest Mining company in the entire country, he's a workaholic, a man whore, a perfectionist and he always gets what he wants. And he has this thing against black women.

What happens when River's father decides to hire Alex as his new secretary? And he starts falling for said person?

Will it just bring on disaster or a roller coaster of fights, love, passion, jealousy, romance, hurt and much more? Let's find out shall we?

RosePiink RosePiink Nov 05
Say what now? *shakes whole body from left to right* I bond thee satan, hump! Get thee behind! 😂😂
CoralKate CoralKate Jul 04
Why mention she's black? She's just a person. Skin tone is irrelevant
levikyozero levikyozero Oct 25
Yes most of the time I eat them when I'm not eating candy or Drinking water.(^^)(^^)(^^)
queencracra queencracra Oct 04
If you have a thing against black women does that mean you hate beyonce
                              Friends: *gasp* 😦 oh hell na
Name?! I need a name?! Who is he?!😍. That's a heartbreaker for you though low key
Lol this comment section is already lit and the story hasn't even started yet...