Sweet dreams are made of this

Sweet dreams are made of this

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"I've invited a friend for dinner." I said. "You really love Tim, don't you?" asked Robin. "I have invited Vlad." I said.


Adam lives with his two children in Los Angeles. He lost his husband in a car accident. His son took it hardest and his daugther doesn't understand that her father is dead. 

His son Robin has a tough time at school. He's bullied and his best friend Emma is always there for him. Adam is very worried about him. 

A substitute teacher starts working at school and will teach his class. Everything's good in the beginning, but he has a different side when he's alone with the class. He's mean and strict. He also seems to be able to read the students' thoughts. 

Robin tells his dad about the teacher and his strange behavior. But Adam doesn't believe him. He thinks his son has seen too many horror movies. 

He tries to find out more about Vlad and finds out that he has been lying all the time. He's not a teacher, he's not even human. 

Vlad arranges a class trip to Transylvania. But no one will come back. It's up to Robin to stop him, before it's too late.